Summer update

Hey guys, a little summer update here.

Recently visited a William Gedney exhibition. Our city presents the Europe’s only retrospective of this previously unknown to me American photographer. I went there twice with my fellow photography friends and it was interesting to discuss and share opinions on the exhibited pictures.


Had a few photo walks in town as usual. Practice doesn’t make it perfect, it makes it better… The past few weeks I’ve noticed though that I come away with fewer keepers. Maybe raising my standards or maybe just getting bored of shooting the same place?! Surely not the second one! 🙂


About a week ago, while playing indoor football I twisted my ankle (again) so I spent 12 hours in bed with ice on my foot. I’ve also been thinking about making my first colour zine and postponed it every time coming up with different reasons not to…

This time however, being stuck in bed kinda helped me to get going 🙂 The selection has been made, the sequencing is almost done so it will see the light pretty soon!


That’s about it I think. Thanks a lot for reading!

If you haven’t been to this blog before, Welcome! You can also find me on Instagram, I’m @yurirasin, let’s connect!

Hope you have a great end of the week, follow the light!

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