SAAL Digital: Test book review

I’d like to mention in advance that this is my personal opinion on the product.

First time i’ve heard about Saal Digital was when I read a blog post of a photographer who I follow on WP. He wrote a review post on his recent body of work – photo book. That immediately caught my attention as I myself have been thinking of producing a physical product of my latest photographic adventures.

I’ve noticed that he had to simply give his opinion on a book he made which was finalised and printed by SD. In return SD offered a 40euro voucher. It looked like a good deal to me and I wanted to try it myself, so here we are, a few weeks later. I followed SD ad on Instagram which led me to their site where I could choose the format along with few other options to make my own photo book. I chose the 20×20 glossy cover photo book for B&W photographs.


I thought it was a brilliant way to make a dummy book and test the printing company at the same time. I downloaded the software where I could upload my images and organise, edit and properly line them up. Uploading the software was pretty straight forward, however at first I found it to be too complicated (maybe because i’m so used to using Blurb where its much simpler). Finally I got used to it but it took a bit of time to properly aline the photos so they are exactly in the same position on each page. I have to mention that I loved the full bleed double page option as you can open the book completely because of the special biding.



It was very easy to insert and edit the text, to make a cover and preview the book for mistakes and errors. I placed the order and within 48 hours the book was on the way.
Communication and fast delivery pleasantly surprised me. Definitely much faster and cheaper than Blurb. However one more thing to consider for anyone of you planning to sell your product – it is not on the table with SD so on this point Blurb is ahead.

Few days later, the book was in my letterbox.
Impressions: Very good quality glossy cover, image quality is excellent, pleasant to hold in your hands. Can fit nicely on a shelf or on a coffee table.
Inside the book – surprise! Thick paper, thicker than you’d expect for a photo book. And looking back, I’m pretty sure there was no option to choose other paper type… I might be wrong.
The images are of high quality and there was only one photo that looked a bit pixelated (maybe a result of heavy crop), however when I turn the pages it feels more like looking at postcards or maybe a wedding album than experiencing a photo book. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not how I would like it to be.

Well, thats pretty much it folks. I hope it was helpful for some of you. I would like to thank SAAL Digital for this kind offer and I was happy to review the product and will seriously consider coming back for more!

Thanks for reading



13 comments on “SAAL Digital: Test book review

  1. Thanks for the review, Yuri.

    You come to the same conclusions that I did ( The quality is excellent, but for the thickness of the paper. And it’s true, you can’t select another type of paper, at least for this kind of book.

    And the only points where Blurb wins are on the software (that might change with time) and of course the fact that you can actually sell your works with Blurb.

    That said, Blurb is more expensive!

    • Yes, thank you Frank. I think we both have similar idea of how we want our book to look and feel as we both practice under the same niche if i may say so in this case – agree with you on the mentioned factors. thanks for popping in!

      • ok after some checks and reading i found that there is no shipping to my country..
        this is a huge problem for me with all what i buy outside of my country – the shipping or extremely expensive or just doesn’t exist.. i will stay with a Blurb – right time to plan some new book. i just found that some people bought a few of my books and i have some profit to use it for the new book :-)))

      • Sorry to hear that Victor, its a real shame and i hope they fix it soon!
        Great news about your book, blurb often offer special deals, thats my tactics- prepare the book and wait for reduction. 40% is pretty awesome deal! Good luck

  2. Interesting Yuri, especially since I just decided to give it a go with Blurb. I’m in the very, very early stages of concept development and editing, so anything can happen in the process : )

  3. Interesting review Yuri. I’ve only made the one (personal) Book from blurb and although I got a good discount from Blurb, the total cost (including shipping) was more than most photobooks I’d order from a professional (admittedly I did go for some premium options, but not the most expensive). As such, this sound like it might be a better option for personal books (though I’ll have to make sure I’m not in the same situation as Victor). This is also the push I need to put another book together.

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