Dusting off the blog

Its time to clean the dust off this blog.

I haven’t been very active online lately. I haven’t been active in my photography lately which makes me sad to be honest. I keep telling myself, it will pass, its just a stagnation period, everybody has one. Thing is I haven’t felt like this in maybe more than 3 years.

Sure, I can blame it on a few personal family issues and I’m not saying this is not a valid reason to feel unmotivated and losing all interest but I kind of feel disappointed that I can’t translate it into my photography.

Ok, I have to say that this summer has been quite busy with work and it wasn’t easy finding time, however my mind wasn’t and still isn’t set on the right channel… Things bother me.

You know what, I’ll try to look at it from another angle and confront these issues or whatever is troubling me through photography. Is it going to be “street”, is it going to be “landscape”, “portrait”, “macro”, “documentary”??? I seriously don’t give a shit. I just want it to mean something to me, thats all.

Excuse me for this heavy start but I actually feel better, now I typed all that.

On a plus note, yes there is one! – I finished and published my first colour photo book through Blurb. It is called “Montpellier: Around the corner” . You can check all the details by following the link.


In the nutshell, this book is dedicated to the city where I have been living for the past 7 years. It’s where I plunged into street photography and where these moments captured my imagination.


It’s made with Bookwright software. It was initially meant to be a zine, however while editing the photos it made sense to make a proper book. There are 40 colour images. Of course the main issue is the price… Its something that really bugs me with Blurb but with their software being so easy to use and actual quality of paper is great, I wouldn’t really want to use anything else. I do realise that with this kind of pricing, I would be amazed to see this book sell, however I’m planning to use in the near future as a pitch for a local exhibition. Also I feel it was necessary to sort of summarise my work for the past 4 years or so.


Another thing that I’m in the middle of and haven’t totally decided on is moving to Squarespace… But i’ll leave that for the next post.

Thanks for visiting



23 comments on “Dusting off the blog

  1. I was wondering what you think of the print and colour quality of the book. Are you happy with it? Did you use Blurb’s colour profile? Cause that’s what concerns me most: sending off the book and getting it back with the colours all wrong.

    • Hi Petra. I was anxious about this factor too but was pleasantly surprised at how the colors were printed. I would say its 95% of how I saw it in my Lightroom. I used Classic Chrome for most of those images so the colors came out very healthy. Knowing your work with subtle colors id suggest you order the Blurbs swatch kit first to pick the right paper that will suit you best. Cheers

  2. Hey! Glad to read you again and oh boy how close all you points are to me now. I could even write a similar post but why repeat?;-)
    I’d only add that my excuse for not shooting last two months is the heat we get here. I just couldn’t make myself get out of the house when it’s 45+ Celsius.
    Printing a book to promote an exhibition is a great idea I’ll use. Meanwhile I’ve written a guest post on Emulsive and am glad about it.
    I really want to hear your thoughts on Squarespace, I considered moving there as well.

  3. Good to see more of your work here soon! I’ll take a look at your blurb book. And yes, the price is too high on blurb…. but it’s great quality and easy.

    What made you decide to switch to Squarespace?

    • Running out of space here on WP and also time to renew my domain etc so with so many good reviews Squarespace is an option to have everything on it. Having said that since then i continued investigation and found out that upgrading on WordPress and using Bluehost could be a better solution.

      • It could be less intimidating in terms of moving everything and setting up all the design things and stuff. Losing my small but valuable following was among the greatest concerns about squarespace for me. But it also depends on your plans for the website. By the way, you get free 14-day trial over there so just try it before making the move.

      • it’s hard for me to say “go with X it’s better”, it’s kinda individual, you know)) Moreover it all depends on your traffic and goals for the website. In terms of user experience and admin panel they seem good. I don’t remember if they have any kind of trial, though. I mean any of the hosters

  4. loved to read this Yuri ! i really know what you’re talking about. some kind of “photography depression” is always on and off for me and i looking for opportunities to shoot and to document different sort of “events with a goal not to eat myself too much. some people call me “concert photographer” but what is concert or music event – just some amount of people gathering, listening for a live music and sometimes dancing together. and finally what’s the difference what to photograph – just not to shoot flowers and HDR 🙂
    love the look of your Blurb book
    good luck with preparing a personal exhibition too – should be very exciting

  5. I left WordPress for Squarespace a long time ago. I like the layout and ease of use. But there are some things I miss about WordPress – the media library / photo uploader (Squarespace is really slow) and the Reader, which makes it easier to follow other blogs. But now I’m trying to be better about using Feedly.

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