On “what ifs”

In the previous post I mentioned some struggles and total lack of motivation that I’ve been having for the past couple of months. You can call it “creative block” if you like 🙂

eve city-13

With some relief I have to say I’m happy it didn’t last longer than that. Last week I was back on the streets, breathing in fresh air, being open and observing everything around me. Curiosity is an important factor. Asking “what if?” often enough will or will Not bring you surprising results. But at least you asked that question.

eve city-8

What if I take a new way to the city centre? What if I just wait at this corner another 5,6 minutes? What if I change the perspective? What if use manual focus? What I don’t make a perfect photo?…

Also, my daily routine has changed at the end of last month and I have more free time in the evenings so that gives me another boost of motivation to rediscover Montpellier.

eve city-12

Step by step, without force, I organised whatever was going on in my head. I’m not saying things are resolved and even if they were, there would be more things to sweat about and resolve after… I’m saying, I just realise what is important to me and why I do it. The beautiful thing is – I can express myself.

eve city-15

Thank you for reading, appreciate it 🙂


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