Golden blue

Here are another few shots that were taken in the past few weeks.

Montpellier, France 2017

Some time between 19 – 21:00

Fujifilm X70, 35 mm , Classic Chrome in-camera preset

eve city-19

eve city-17

eve city-16

eve city-9

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8 comments on “Golden blue

  1. Really enjoying the richness of these dark, chiaroscuro images, and especially your alertness to shadows. The centipede-like scroll and figure on the third picture is effective because the shot is divided almost in two, allowing the shadows to be placed adjacent to the smaller element, the intensely-lit sculpture so that both are in tonal balance. The first image is Film Noir in its mood…the stripes of shadow on the hooded figure and his silhouette with its aura of colour make it the moodiest, but even the simple device of inverting the image of the strip floating in the water in shot four is thoughtful and effective – especially with its carefully placed miniature figure in the corner. Fantastic work.

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