Back to Black (and white)

It’s like walking into another dimension, being here but also being somewhere else. I keep going there from time to time, looking for stranger things, unusual or just everyday usual things but perceiving them differently.


It’s another world. Some will say it’s nostalgic, classic, “safe” or comfortable. Maybe it’s all of that. It just feels like it’s so much more than that.


I love the nowness and truth of colour but that world of black and white is just too good to give up…


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13 comments on “Back to Black (and white)

    • Your explanation in this case is too simplistic i think and does not do proper justice. Surely you can’t just shoot b&w because you see and want to capture forms. I mean its so much more than that. Its just simplified by restricting itself to 3 tones – black, white and grey. It’s light and darkness, shadows and overexposed blips, blurry greyness, its mood etc.
      As for colour – its also so much more. Depends what you do with it and how you apply it. I mean if you look at photographers like Saul Leiter, Eggleston, Webb, Pinkassov. You can’t just say all they show is colours …

      • it was kind of joke but if to look more deep – mostly in images first of all we recognize a forms and geometry. contrasts between lines , objects and tones creates this contrast and make things recognisable and not just flat one tone of color looks like empty wall. colors also create geometry – just additional one to the geometry of existing forms.
        to the list of street photographers who worked in colors you can add Joel Meyerowitz actually the new wave of the street shooters in colors just followed him and a few. but if you will look on these old works – you possible will pay attention that their story not about some spots of specific colors too much in fashion recently. their colors only because of they are exist not the main and bold nail of their images.
        again – what i wrote in my previous comment was just my personal opinion somewhere humoristic. i dont criticize or say what is wrong or right. sorry if i was understood differently ;-))

      • Yes, of course I understand it was jokingly said (however with a dig at color…) Everyone is entitled to their opinion surely but my post was not about praising one and dismissing the other. They are two different worlds for me and each carry different meanings.
        In case of Meyerowitz, i agree (like many colour photogs) his main focus is on a situation rather than specifics of tones, textures etc. Good discussion! cheers Victor

  1. Interesting to see what b&w does in the shot of the child pegging up their painting, which in colour would be cutesy but in mono is quite sinister! Mood is right Yuri, but your shots are so graphic here that you cannot overlook Victor’s ‘form’. For me b&w transforms the subject. Thank you for providing an interesting discussion.

    • Thank you for your comment James! I’m by no means overlooking or dismissing Victor’s comment about forms, I just think its unfair (not sure if its the right word) to generalize the b&w to Forms only… cheers!

  2. No, it’s a very complex and subtle thing; it’s hard to pin down exactly what exactly b&w does to our perception and that is why monochrome is not going away, despite the shift to’s now a cultural gene.

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