The last song of winter

There is a city in south of France called Montpellier. It is where i reside at the moment.

Winters here barely let themselves known. Sure, there are colder days with rain and strong winds but you would rarely feel like you’re experiencing real winter.

In 2018 we had the pleasure to experience it in full. The last time anything like this happened was back in 2010…

We woke up and a beautiful white carpet greeted us outside. End of February it snowed non stop for almost two days… and of course i didn’t need a special invitation to get out there and witness the last song of winter in its full glory.




This post is also a part of “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #93 about a special morning in your life. Thank you for visiting!


7 comments on “The last song of winter

  1. Helluva Winter’s end we got here in Europe! Now we can look forward to a nice rainy spring, hehe.

    Very nice photos, Yuri! I specially like the one with the cars parked in the snow. Muted colours, all horizontal arrangement, the metal rail… perfect

  2. Oh for the rain here in Australia – still getting 33ºC days and its all just dust. Great night shots in which you excel…of the black footprints and train lines especially. Enjoy the rest of your time in Montpellier!

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