Notes from the Holy land

I was thinking there was no better way to update the blog after a lengthy silence than to write a couple of posts on my recent trip to Israel.


Yes, i think i’ll divide it in two parts at least, maybe more, we’ll see. I’ll go with the flow…

The last time I have been to Israel was 5 years ago so I imagined a lot of things had changed. New buildings, new parks, new shops, new restaurants, electric bikes, more pubs, same people, same mentality.


It was great to see my family and friends, to catch up on life events and realise once again that That clock is not slowing down… hopefully I wouldn’t have to wait another 5 years to pay a visit.




I know what you might think – mid july is not exactly the best time to go there, its absolutely scorching and yes you’re right, it Was +36 in the shade and people might have been wondering – “who is that crazy guy with a camera wondering around the city in the mid afternoon?”




I stayed in a southern city of Ashdod for the most of the week. It was interesting to rediscover the city where i lived in the past once again, this time through the lens.






Before coming to Israel I contacted Victor Bezrukov – a photographer whose work I highly admire, he also blogs about his photo adventures and shares his views on photography in general, highly recommend to check out his work!

We met up in Tel-Aviv (city that never sleeps) one late afternoon and had a very good evening, talking about life, photography and more. The next blog post will feature images from that evening. Stay tuned…

Thank you for being here.



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