Notes from the Holy land: Part II

As promised, this is the second post about my recent trip to Israel. If you haven’t seen the first, follow this link.

Picking up from where I left, it was a quick, one week visit so between seeing my family and friends I didn’t really plan any big trips around the country. However, one place I always visit every time I come is Tel-Aviv. The city that buzzes with life 24/7 and where we could witness one of the most amazing sunsets overlooking the old city of Jaffa.






As I mentioned earlier, in Tel-Aviv I met up with a local photographer Victor Bezrukov who kindly showed me some unseen to me places in Jaffa. It was great to finally meet in person after following each other’s work online for a few years now. I wish we had more time but nevertheless we managed to hit few interesting places and talk photography and life.




Later in the evening Victor and I hit the city centre for a couple of hours. We stopped by an authentic vegetarian restaurant where we had an amazing Hummus dinner and to finish off we popped over to a pub on the Florentine street for a pint.



Some additional B&W photos taken in Tel-Aviv:








Thank you for checking this out and there will be a final little post…



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