Blog, you say?

I’m still here, believe me, I am… yes, I’ve gone off regular blogging and slowly but surely moved to instant sharing machine – Instagram. It’s quick, it’s fun, it’s addictive.

However, lately, I have also been considering going back to regular blogging, communicating with you wonderful people as let’s face it, the communication on Instagram is pretty much non-existent.



I don’t know yet if I’ll be posting just the recent photos or maybe create a newsletter. After reading the latest from Austin Kleon and CJ Chilvers it made me wonder and I have some ideas floating in the air.


If you’re checking out this post, thanks a lot. I would love to hear your thoughts on the recent social media sharing options. What works for you? Do people still care and read blog posts or newsletters? Has Instagram taken over? I am interested



Photos were taken with Fujifilm X70 in Montpellier, France 2020

38 comments on “Blog, you say?

  1. Well well. I hope you noticed I restarted blogging recently and made subtle reference to your own blog as inspiration for restarting. Maybe you didn’t notice and that’s okay but I still see a place for blog in an instagram world. Even for things like photos. You play with a narrative in ways you just can’t on instagram (although instagram has other fun tools too so..)

  2. hey there! welcome back i guess?)) interestingly enough i’ve had similar thoughts as well. i mean about blogging and insta, but truth be told i’m barely on insta as well in terms of posting.
    i’d say personally for me social media such as ig or twitter are good for anyday spontaneous sharing be it a picture or a thought, while blogging requires some planning and this is why i mostly stopped doing it)) i sometimes have ideas for posts and i might be even sure that they are good ones and can be interesting to others but then i just don’t get to writing them. it sucks. newsletter is another great idea i was considering for some time but for the same reasons mentioned i never got to doing it.
    it’d be great if you started posting here again, i kinda missed it tbh, so rock on!

    • Hi Ivan and thank you for your comment. I agree about what you said on the planning involved in sharing blog posts. In my case i also prefer doing it on my mac rather on iphone… so therefore i need to be home to do that but the instant sharing from your phone – that you can do from anywhere.
      I think in the end it comes down to what is more important to you and what you enjoy doing most. And the reason why I’m back here after a year probably means that i do miss this platform and all the things that come with it.

  3. Hey Yuri ! glad to see you around again with your wonderful series of photographs !
    I use IG stories and the regular posts almost every day but in the way as Ivan said – lens planning and less writing. My blog is much more important for me and i dont stop it even i see much less activity especially after the Googleplus end. But as i know – IG is a temporary fashion and will come another creature after but our blogs are at the same place.
    hope to see more from you !

    • Thanks Victor, another good point about the temporary trends (IG,TicToc) etc. It is true that this very space is owned by You and will not move, unless you delete it…
      And I have to say I am a bit surprised that people actually read this post and re-connected 🙂 It all gives me more motivation not to abandon this platform. Cheers guys

      • Yea i’ve got the same thing going on. There is little attention from twitter unless you start engaging conversation there and FB page is pretty useless if you dont put money into it in my opinion. I’m not familiar with Ello…

      • Twitter and Ello are working for me but not enough, Facebook is better and probably connected to is even better. is the most free.amd clean od ads network of artists. im using it from the almost first days of Ello.

  4. Instagram is fast to publish and quick to forget.
    Blogging takes more time. But don’t get lost.
    Instagram if you want 1000+ likes.
    Blogging if you want to keep your photos memorable.
    Instagram is no longer what it was. Too many photos in one day. Obsessed. I’m lost.

    I really like you photos, they look bette on the blog.

  5. Interesting to read about people returning to blogging after not finding what they wanted, in whatever way, with social media.

    I’ve written numerous times on my own blog about why I love blogging, why I haven’t really got on with Twitter, Instagram etc. Google+ showed great promise but never really took off, and I simply don’t trust Facebook and left it a decade ago.

    My online presence is essentially my WordPress blog and Flickr, and that works for me, and keeps it simple too, so I can focus my efforts, and not have them scattershot across half a dozen different platforms.

    It’s also concerning to see how the relentless pace and short post format of most social media seems to be shrinking our attention spans ever further. I love immersing myself in a meaty blog post or two, or a great film or a beautiful album of music. It seems most people just want tiny clips and snippets and sound bites then want to move on to something else. Scary where this will end. Will novels be the size of a leaflet, and movies as short as adverts?

    • The attention span is getting shorter by the day unfortunately. I totally agree with you guys about the permanent factor of a blog. It has many pluses however I don’t really know what I would do when it be becomes payable. The free storage for photos is limited on WP and I don’t want to go through the hustle of resizing every photo I want to post so It could be an issue.
      When Flickr started to charge money I quit so did thousands of customers.

      • As you might know, I have always used Flickr for the images on my WordPress blog. I think for what I get from Flickr, it’s worth the cost. I just renewed for a year and it works out less than £4 a month.

        It does mean of course I’m dependent on them, and if it disappeared or became unsustainable for me, my blog would essentially lose all of its images. But then the same could happen with WordPress.

        Someone I follow talked about their blog costs the other week, and I was shocked that it was something like $400, including Flickr Pro plus a WordPress business plan option.

        My WP is about £4.50 a month, again I feel it’s worth for what it gives me.

  6. Unlike many of the people commenting on here I am just coming to blogging now for the first time and starting to carve out a space for my work and my thoughts. I love the flexibility of the blog and that I can tailor it for my own personal projects, whereas working within another format like IG really takes away any sense that speaks to the individual. I think there will always be a place for long-reads, and seeing conversations like this gives me a lot of hope for actual sharing of ideas rather than people simply giving each other a thumbs up and a quick appreciation.
    I do specifically want to appreciate you, Yuri, for being one who found me quickly and has been very welcoming. I personally would be very interested to hear more from you on your own blog and am excited that you may be spending more time writing here again.

    • Thank you Andrew for your comment and kind words 🙂 I’d call it a good timing too as I have decided to go back to blogging and discovered your posts in the process. I love your writing and I am also interested in a spiritual side of photography as it often serves me as meditation.
      You’re more than welcome to check out my previous posts in Visual Diary and Thoughts sections and I would like to wish you a bright blogging future and inspiration.

  7. I’ve been journaling on WordPress for nearly ten years but it never seems that long because of various extended breaks and severe interruptions along the way. But the one constant in all that time has always been that I couldn’t easily let my archive simply wither away. For better or for worse (though most would agree it’s the latter) it has been where I could come back and start up again. There’s a permanence and relevance about journaling here through essays, commentary, photographs and other art that just hasn’t translated in any other place, for me. It isn’t always en vogue. When I started, pundits were crowing that blogging was just plain dead. Then five years ago they said it was even deader. But they’re wrong. It’s as real as it ever was. Your work looks great to me, I’m looking forward to following it. I hope you hit your stride on here, again. In my humble opinion I think it really suits you.

    • Thanks for your comment Jason. You mentioned permanence and relevance and I totally agree with you there. They were two of the main factors that motivated my return to blogging. Lack of sense of community on other social platforms was another. But I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for photography I’m not sure I’d be blogging… I feel I can communicate through my images, express myself that way as I’m not much of a writer 🙂 unlike you, Jason. I’ve enjoyed reading your latest post and look forward to more!
      Cheers and have a good Weekend

  8. Instagram is very dynamic, a lot of projects, photography oriented… That’s the positive dude… But I totally hated the follow – unfollow game, that was exhausting… And yes communication is nonexistent… The influences influenced me to leave that platform 😀
    The images in this post are beautiful, Yuri!!

  9. Pff, I’m typing on my phone and it totally messed up my spelling… “dude” should be “side” and “influences” should be “influencers”… So sorry for that 😀

  10. I recently deleted the last of my social media accounts. They’re terrible companies. There are a lot of positives, and there are things I’ll miss, but the negatives just got overwhelming for me. Just added you to Feedly, so I hope you keep posting.

  11. Instagram is just that, instant gratification, if that works for some people then great but this dinosaur prefers the thought process that goes into creating a blog.

    Words and pictures are the perfect partners for the art of story telling.

  12. Blogging and Social Networking are two different kinds of communications. I like write and read post on blog (like yours, for example) but I also like post and watch images on Instagram, it’s easier, it’s faster. But surely I find more inspirations reading blogs and also stronger connections with photographers, so if I should pick one, I’d say blog!

    • Good choice Alessio. For me posting on social media just means of kinda promoting or letting people the taste of what i do. Not a conversation like on WordPress. I consider often leaving Insta because of lack of interaction. We’re just like robots scrolling down endlessly to fill the void and hoping for likes and hearts… Im still there however as i like insta stories every now and then.
      Investing time in blog posts brings me more satisfaction however and i really enjoy communication with fellow bloggers as yourself.
      I find blogging

  13. You raise a good question. Personally I’m not a fan of Instagram. People scroll through at speed, clicking to ‘like’ multiple images when I’m not really sure they’ve even looked at them. On a blog you can read about the photographer’s motivation, or the setting of the photo, and more. In my blog posts I can share carefully curated galleries and slideshows, I can express myself in words as well as pictures, and I can build a community of like-minded fellow bloggers who share each other’s posts and have interesting conversations about them. I don’t see any of that on Insta

    • Thank you for commenting. Instagram is becoming more and more UN social for me personally. Sometimes I feel like I’m keeping it only because I can share IG Stories with friends and family who live abroad. But its becoming too commercial and algorithms will always have the upper hand. We’re not in charge of our content.
      With blogs, this is OUR space and we decide how we create our posts and blogging community is great and more responsive than on IG or FB.

  14. I like the first picture. What I notice on Instagram is that there are a lot of people who are just out to get as many followers as possible. I don’t like that very much. Or people who will follow you and a few days later no longer. They hope that they will continue to follow them. I think a blog is more personal.

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