Off-season drive

In this post, I would like to share some photos from last year’s little drive in the south of France. It was an offseason, end of February but it was the only time we could both get away for a short week and the weather was pretty good most of the time.


It’s different when you travel with somebody. I mean, photography-wise. I don’t think I took as many photos as I could have if I was traveling alone. It’s normal, you can’t just abandon your travel companion and set off on your photo adventure.


But still, I had my camera with me every time we were out. I was filtering, I was stopping to capture only something that really caught my eye or was interesting to me at that time.




We left Montpellier and visited the southern coast (Aix-en Provence, Istres, Martigues and Arles)


We also stopped on the way to visit an ancient city on top of a mountain (but I can’t remember its’ name) French city names can be difficult to remember…





Thank you for visiting and I would like to know how is your travel photo routine when you’re out with somebody and how do You manage to keep both happy ?:)



9 comments on “Off-season drive

  1. Wonderful group Yuri. I really like the organic textures that you captures in most of these, and the way that you call attention to the shadows. There is a rough energy in all of these that makes your trip feel a bit adventurous.

  2. Well, I don’t travel far, but most of the time when I want to photograph, I go alone. I know if I’m somewhere with family or someone else, I’m far more inhibited and self-conscious almost, so I take far fewer photos.

    In fact mostly I avoid taking photos other than snapshots of the family. Part of the photography experience for me is about being immersed and focused, and I can’t do that if I’m with someone else, it’s not fair on either of us.

    I wrote a post a while back abour organised group photo walks, and how I can’t bear the thought of them!

    • Thanks for responding Dan. Oh yes, the photo group walks make me cringe too. I attended a couple and I understood that it is not for me. People spent all the time chatting about photo gear… I just couldn’t take it. However I had a good experience on photo walks with another (one) photographer. It was different and I’d do it again but never in a group haha.
      About family snap shots: don’t you think these snap shots will be the most important photos you would ever take? Are we forgetting the power of snap shots? Family photos hold special place in one’s library… cheers!

      • I’ve not even been on any group photo walks, I just know it’s not for me. Would be even worse if it was all gear-centric, then I turned up with a 15 year old 6MP digital classic… ; )

        Family shots, yes absolutely, and I take quite a few. I wasn’t saying they’re not important at all, just that I don’t like doing my more intentional or serious photography with others around.

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