Photo Palette

I have been shooting a lot in black and white lately. It doesn’t mean I am ignoring my color photography. At the end of the day, it is how I directly see the world. 
I don’t intentionally go out with the chosen mode (b&w or color) in mind. I can’t do it, maybe I’m not disciplined enough but I think it would be such a shame to miss out on this beautiful palette of colors that this world presents us with.
Of course, if I was to do a certain photo project then I’d have to choose between the two but when I’m out, “meditating” on my photo walk I simply cannot ignore the colors.


01e021cb-4352-4189-97cb-3c74f6f224ed-21362-00000a503ff24a0bShooting in color is also much more challenging and satisfying for me. Using the color palette and trying to paint with light brings me different kinds of emotions than when I try to shoot in b&w.  
I admit that I draw badly and it’s something that I wish I could do and photography is the next best thing for me. Black and white or color. 

Thanks for visiting and if you had a choice, is it a palette of colors or a black and white world for you? Or maybe both? 🙂 let me know in comments


16 comments on “Photo Palette

  1. Lovely stuff, and the last two are especially engaging. I just spent the morning doing almost exclusively black and white shots for a mini-project, but that is also because I feel like I am getting burned out on all the faded end-of-winter browns and grays. I think color will usually win out for me, but it is certainly more difficult to capture.

    • Thanks Andrew. It is important to commit to just one for a certain project i feel. The color is definitely the more difficult one to capture. Good luck with the project!

  2. Great collection, Yuri, a joy to look at! All of those work so well in color. I think you need to be open to both. When I see a high contrast scene I go monochrome. When I shoot with my Leica M, I shoot in the B&W film mode, giving me a monochrome preview and result of the shot on the LCD screen. But as I shoot DNG and JPG fine, I get both when I import to Lightroom, seeing color and B&W side by side. Often I keep both versions, using them in different ways. But let’s face it, the world we live in is in color, not monochrome.

  3. Yuri, I really like the basketball image and the one after with the red triangle and all those reflections and angles. Works really well, for me.

    Personally the choice between b/w and colour is partly camera dependent, but mostly seasonal.

    In winter I lean towards b/w, with compact cameras. As spring starts to hit (as it is now here), I start feeling the urge to capture more in colour, when it’s then more likely for sustained colour photowalks I’ll use one of my old Pentax CCD DSLRs, which deliver delicious colours straight out of camera.

    • Thanks Dan. I admit that weather does play a part in my decisions at times. But mostly I think my choice is based on – what result do i want to see? And on my mood at that time..😃

      • Yes mood can be very influential. I wrote a post about whether your mood influences the photographs you make, or the photographs you make influence your mood. It kind of goes both ways.

        And sometimes if you’re in a low mood, photographing stuff that is bleak and minimal in black and white is more comforting that a shot of bright colour.

  4. So many layers in these images, especially the last two, the use of colors and reflection is brilliant… I’m with you, I don’t start shooting with the idea of bw or color in particular… it’s great that you let mood guide you 🙂

  5. i also wonder why you use titling…is it intention to make the image dynamic or is it because there is no time to frame?

    • Hi Pavel, good to hear from you. I sometimes tilt when there’s a motion so like you said, to make it more dynamic. Sometimes it’s just to make it different… it really depends.

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