Actions matter

Making, creating & doing are the only things that help you be what you want in this world. Put your talking on hold & creating on steroids.” I can’t remember whose quote it is but I couldn’t agree more.


It is so important in photography, just like in everything else in life. Actions matter, simple as that. You can’t sit around browsing social media or Netflix and wait for the lightning to strike. Get out and take pictures, make images, tell stories, stay hungry and curious, observe the world.


Whatever your camera is. The best camera is the one you have on you! I believe it. If you take a wonderful image, something that moves you, speaks to you. You don’t have to explain it to others. Nobody will be interested in your Exif data, if you took it with the latest Leica or a simple point & shoot. It might matter to you but if it’s a great image, no one cares.

All of the written above is first of all advice for myself and for some of you, this is not big news but If you found something helpful and motivational, great! Get out and enjoy the playground!

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taken with iPhone


4 comments on “Actions matter

  1. Like you say here Yuri, many of my blog posts are advice aimed at myself, but that hopefully inspire others too!

    I’m going to remember that line about no-one cares about your EXIF data too when I’m next over-obsessing about settings!

    • Thanks for your comment Dan. Although I must mention that if you are just starting out in photography, of course paying attention to the settings is very important to achieve the right result.

  2. great geometry and patterns in all these shots, they work great together… and you are one hundred percent right, Yuri, you may have the latest camera and still not use it as you should… btw, we all need a kick in the butt sometimes to go out and take pictures (something you discussed in your other post as well)… inspiration from other photographers is something that keeps me going sometimes, so thanks for the inspiration 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Alexandra! Communication with fellow bloggers, photographers and simply open minded people is inspiring in itself. Thanks for visiting! Have a good weekend

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