Disconnect, connect

There are days when you need that kick in the butt. Something that will get you into motion. Even if you’re comfortable in your cozy apartment, ready to watch a new show, read a book, browse the internet, etc. But when you look out of your window, deep inside you know those photographs won’t be made on their own.

What got me out the other day? A simple quote – “The healthiest if make a daily appointment to disconnect from the world so that we can connect with ourselves”.

The sun was setting after the rainfall and the goal was not to take the best photos possible, it was to live in the moment and appreciate the surroundings, appreciate your decision, that choice you made to get out…







Taken with Fujifilm X70 in Montpellier, France. March 2020

Thank you for visiting and don’t hesitate to comment on what your motivational go-to is. What gets you out when you don’t really feel like it and rather postpone till next time?


14 comments on “Disconnect, connect

  1. Glad you got out there, even if you weren’t planning on taking the best photos you sure captured something beautiful!

  2. Love this kind of light, sunshine after rain. I think what often helps me get out is if I’m using a simple, compact camera. Having something more complex like a DSLR or mirrorless, plus lenses to choose from can just get in the way. A camera I can grab and go works better!

  3. gorgeous light after the rainfall, warm and at the same time dramatic, beautifully captured … love the use of lines in the shots to guide the eye 🙂

  4. great series Yuri.
    I can’t say where from the motivation is coming to me, but mostly its like a voice in my head that is taking me out of my comfort zone and i never say no to this voice. So, my walks are almost always spontaneous as results im walking alone.

  5. The second image caught my eye. The noir-like silhouette of the palm and last-chance light at the top floor give it nice gravitas.

    I’m not sure if anything gets me out when I don’t feel like it, I’m usually just too tired for those kinds of battles. On the other hand, when I’m actually headed out the door I’ll take my camera along the same way another person might unthinkingly pocket a pair of sunglasses. I’ve built up a certain habit or instinct for the unexpected. Lest you think I’m bragging, more often than not the camera turns out to be pure ballast 🙂

    • Thanks for taking a look! It does make a difference if your camera is nice and compact. Like Dan mentioned, too much gear or heavy DSLRs bog us down with spontaneous outtings like these

  6. Great choice, just get out there. I loved the lantern. I might easily be missed. A great capture for the wandering eye. My motivation yesterday was…I needed to vacuum, It could wait, right? Donna

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