Photo walk soundtrack

Hi guys, a little bit about music… I know that this is a photography orientated blog but I must not forget that this is also my own space where I’m fortunate to share anything I want really.

Like many of you, I love music and I am inspired by it in one way or another. I love discovering new artists, listening to my favorite bands and singers or instrumental tunes.

I listen to music to relax, to get me going… I also listen to music while editing photos or trying to create a story through a sequence of images.

Another time when I enjoy listening to music is during my photo walks in town. Not many people might agree as street photography requires for one to be absolutely present and absorb everything that’s happening around at the moment, sounds included…

However, as there are no definitive rules to (street) photography, I can shoot however the hell I want and sometimes it’s with headphones in my ears, totally lost in a beautiful sound and transferring my emotions while looking to translate it into a particular image.

Probably, one of my all-time favorite artists to listen to when photographing is Radiohead

Apart from this band, these latest artists caught my ears in recent months: AsgeirMichael Kiwanuka, Son Little, Britanny Howard,

And a special mention to City & Colour – see below

Thanks for reading guys and I’m interested to know if any of you go out shooting while listening to music? What kind of music inspires you? Let me know in the comments!



8 comments on “Photo walk soundtrack

  1. Great suggestions, I can’t wait to dig deeper into some of these artists. I have a pretty eclectic playlist right now, but a few of the artists that have been deeply inspiring over the years are: Vampire Weekend, Imogean Heap and Christine and The Queens. I have also been enjoying some instrumental work by The Yoshida Brothers, and Angele Dubeau and her group “La Pieta”.

  2. I’m not sure I’ve ever tried to shoot to music, to be completely honest with you. Maybe it’s because so much of my photography is on walks in the woods which is really no reason or bar against plugging in but I guess it just never occurred to me to do so. Because I like to hear the birds chirping or the grass swaying in the breeze or the cougar about to pounce on me? I dunno. But I agree with you. There are no rules! And I use music to inspire me in lots of other endeavors. My twelve year old likes to crank out the tunes while he’s doing his math and I can’t wrap my head around his abilities of concentration and yet he’s several leagues above me in that department.

    But editing is a completely different story, for me. Kraftwerk was in the background last night.

    • Thanks for the comment! I agree about the walks in woods and nature. I don’t think I need music there. Nature sounds are wonderful however in a busy town i do enjoy shooting while listening to music so i can create visual music clips through photographs 😃
      Kraftwerk… haven’t listened to them in a long time… cheers!

    • Love love love the photo of the tree with the lights!! The song you shared goes well with it 🙂 Hope all is well!!

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