Recommendations during lockdown: Films

Hi guys, I hope everyone is well and even though these are difficult and uncertain times, hope you find ways to stay positive and taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

It looks like I’ll be working for another couple of days and then it’s full confinement for me too. Stricter measures will be taken in France in the near future so let’s brace ourselves.

Meantime, as we all have lots of time on our hands, I’d recommend you’d check out these amazing films. In my opinion, any photographer or visual artist or even just anyone could enjoy these but I made these picks with photography influence in mind. Hope you find something you like there and give it a watch.

Stay safe and take care of each other

“Tree of life” 2010 by T.Malick


“Test” 2014 by A.Kott


“Stalker” 1979 by A.Tarkovskiy


“Mommy” 2014 by X.Dolan


“Control” 2007 by A.Corbijn

5 comments on “Recommendations during lockdown: Films

  1. Carol, by Todd Haynes, is also a wonderful film, especially if your have an interest in photography : the whole movie was shot on Super 16 mm film using 35 mm format lenses. Ed Lachman, the director of photography has said he was influenced, for this film by “the work of some photographers who are very dear to me, like Robert Franck, and especially Saul Leiter, who created an abstract vision of urban reality”. And it really shows !

  2. I’ve seen “Stalker” , it’s absolutely amazing…
    Love the array of patterns and layers in your shot, hopefully we’ll have a clear vision of the future soon…

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