Last summer

We’re in the second week of the national lockdown. I hope you and your loved ones are ok.

Blog posts are getting harder and harder to write as there is no new material to share but it doesn’t mean we can’t look back on our previous work and see, maybe there’s something we missed, a hidden gem of an image or simply the photos that were left in a hard drive and never saw the light of day.

In this post are the images that I shared last year on Instagram (when on my Blogging hiatus) and I think they deserve a blog post, something permanent.

Last summer, August 2019, I went to visit my family in Israel. Something I wish I could turn into a habit and do more often although I have my obvious concerns about this year’s summer…


I visited the country for one week. As per usual, I stayed with my brother in the Sothern city of Ashdod. We had a lot of catching up to do. I also saw my dad, who came over from the nearby town where he lives. It was great to see them all, have a meal together, talk about where we are in our lives and recognize once again how quickly time flies.

I made some photos in Ashdod, like I usually do when I’m there but my mission that time was definitely to go to Jerusalem. It has been a while since I’ve been there and I always loved to visit. It remains fascinating not only to the millions of tourists that come here yearly but also to Israelis. It’s different from any other place in Israel. Even though this country is tiny, it’s amazing to see how after traveling just over an hour by bus can put you in a different atmosphere. I went straight to the Old City which captures the magic of Jerusalem. Walking through the little streets, hiding from the summer heat, playing with the light and shadows.

Here are some photos from Jerusalem 2019










I hope you enjoyed this overdue blog post. If you did, make sure to check out my Israel trip of 2018 here and here.

Also, if you’re interested in seeing more from this city, look no further than Israeli based fellow photographer Victor Bezrukov.

Thank you for visiting and stay safe.



9 comments on “Last summer

  1. Hey Yuri! exactly what I do most of the times – I just post the “old” series bcos I have a lot in my queue and the usual “breaking” the queue posts 🙂
    Great to see these beautiful moments of the recognizable places – Jerusalem is really my fav place to go with my cameras and for beers 🙂
    Thank you for the mention! right now preparing part ii of the previous post from this city, this time Bw series from the old city just one week before the lockdown.

  2. I think it’s important to keep blogging, and revisiting old photos and photo walks is a great way to do this in between a few new photo posts. Keep posting Yuri!

  3. Your images of Jerusalem are so full of life. Such great details, scenes and characters. The previous series are brilliant too. It’s easy to tell you feel at home there 🙂 I hope you get to visit your family in Israel soon.

  4. I agree on how hard it’s getting to write!
    It’s the same with the video calling friends and family… after an initial flurry that’s slowing down as none of us have been anywhere or done anytime!
    Revisiting memories of travels is the best escape, I’m trawling my library for photos I’ve not appreciated or shared.
    Stay safe!

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