This week: 8/4/2020

3 weeks of national lockdown, and today on the World’s International Health day it looks like we’re in the peak of this pandemic here in France. The fight goes on.

Now, time to share some highlights from the last few days. Let’s dive in.

  • Photo zine-making was a top priority last weekend so I’m happy I got this done. Can’t wait to see some images printed on paper. I am curious about a few of them, wondering how they feel like when part of the sequence in a little zine. I’m still investigating what company is best for value. Blurb, Mixam, and Magcloud are in front of the list so I decided to make a trial copy using Photobox first. It’s much cheaper but I just wanna see the paper quality and if the sequence works.


  • 50 photos inside” is going well. Even though I live in a tiny apartment, the effect of the light and how it changes throughout the day is a study in itself.


  • Back to podcasts this week. Back in 2015/16 I was listening to a few podcasts as I had 30 minutes commute to and from work. I changed the job since and podcasts slowly faded from my daily habits. This week, it was a pleasure to find That one podcast that was always on my list.  “Accidental Creative
  • Vincent Munier extraordinary animal and nature photography. It’s in French but absolutely worth a look.

  • Music fans: remember the legendary group R.E.M.? I’ve been listening to their “The Adventures in HI-FI” recently and here is the link to all of their albums ranked and rated.

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