No Gravity

Some days are easier than others. This morning I was motivated so I got my Fuji X70 out. After a quick search, I have found my mini tripod which was gathering dust and started working.

A few ideas hit me for the past couple of days so I’m going to share one of them.

It’s nothing new or spectacular but the important thing is that I worked with my camera and had lots of fun. We have all the time in the world at the moment so why not use it creatively. The pure joy of enjoying and creating something for yourself. Now I know that it is how it should always be but so often we find ourselves in search of validation, likes, hearts and any other possible symbols of virtual “love”… we forget why we have picked up a camera in the first place. So here is some lockdown fun:









Thanks for visiting and if you have any home made projects, post a link in the comments, I would love to check it out!


8 comments on “No Gravity

  1. Our son’s gymnastics club are putting together a loo roll challenge video, basically they all record a few seconds of themselves doing something gymnastic, catching a loo roll thrown in from off camera, then they throw it off again at the end. Someone stitches all the videos together so it’s one long film of kids leaping about and throwing a loo roll to each other. It’s been good fun recording flying loo rolls on the garden trampoline today, while my son jumps and flips.

    Your last shot obviously reminded me of this. I don’t think we’ll be trying a version with knives!

  2. Yeah, having fun with the camera is really what it’s all about. I really like how you turned a potentially stressing moment (the lockdown) into something fun. Plus, it’s a good reminder that we can always be creative. I looked at your pictures from the first to the last, then the other way around : in that order, it almost looked like the knife was chasing the carrots ! It made the sequence even more fun 😷

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