“50 photos inside” update

Last night the French president has updated the nation on the current situation and we will continue the confinement until the 11th of May. Necessary messures.

I would also like to give an update. It will be about a little project “50 photos inside“. I wanted to make this as simple as possible so I used my iPhone7, square format and a monochrome filter. By the end I would like to make a little zine or a little photo book to see the results on paper and also to mark these few weeks of confinement. Here are 5 images from the project:






Thanks for visiting, hope you’re well friends and till next time!


9 comments on ““50 photos inside” update

  1. I know some say it’s a bit of a cliche to do projects like this when we’re confined as we are currently, but I’m all for it. It keeps us photography, keps us looking for what we find visually stimulating and intersting in the world around us.

    I really like the peep hole one especially, I think when you look back in months and years to come, shots like that will remind you of some of the feelings of being contained.

    It also looks like you’re fortunate to have enough decent and direct sunlight to give almost endless options with light and shadow play.

    Keep it up Yuri!

    • Thanks a lot Dan and cliche or not, i really couldn’t care less what others might think 🙂 like you said, it’s about keeping us creative and sane in these times. If i’m getting something out of it, it’s all that matters.
      I do have a large door/window and the incoming sun in the afternoon so yes, i’m happy with the light i’m provided with.

  2. the staircase through the peephole could be a book cover for a mystery novel… very creative, lovely project, Yuri!!

  3. […] I think it’s definitely worth a try if you want to print your work or create a book, photo zine or something else, there are many options to choose from. I will certainly be ordering from them again as in my opinion it’s a great way to finalize your personal projects.  […]

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