This Week: 16/4/2020

Hey guys, I hope everyone is well and healthy. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the forth week of the lockdown…

  • Lockdown projects: “No Gravity” , “50 photos inside” , “Alone together”. This is the point in time when anything goes. Never mind what anyone thinks, never mind the rules and constraints. I just want to hold my camera, get to know it again, just like when I first bought it. Play around with in built filters, settings, double exposure etc. I must create something. A photo below is from my “Alone together” double exposure project. A large window is all I need.



  • One of the godfathers of New York street photography scene Joel Meyerowitz is releasing a book “How I Make Photographs” and here is the link to the excerpt from it. If you’re into street photography, this will surely only motivate and make you hungry for your next street shoot (whenever that might be…)
  • Patrick laRoque is probably a familiar name to you. If not, go check out his work. I have visited his website after a long pause just to appreciate what I’m missing. He is an ispiration.
  • Music: Benjamine Clementine an incredible talent. If you’re a fan of Nina Simone, you would love him! (can’t believe i’m only discovering him now), The Strokes new album rocks and prove they still got it, and I have been writing and photographing to this little gem.
  • As for screen time, after finishing a disappointing 4th season of “La Casa de Papel”, I finally started “Vikings” and it’s pretty good. Although, one of the best shows for me at the moment remains “Better Call Saul” (prequel series to “Breaking Bad”) and It’s pure genius.

Thanks for checking this out and if you have anything to share, please leave a comment! Stay safe and till next time!

P.S. I would also like to share this post with a wonderful Friendly Friday blog community which presents us with weekly challenges. It’s a great way to connect, get inspired or simply showcase your work.



17 comments on “This Week: 16/4/2020

  1. Yes Better Call Saul is the thing!
    i don’t watch many TV shows even these days. i can recommend you a few absolutely great.
    Strangers things
    The first and the last season of the True Detective.
    well, this is my list and i don’t watch anything else – just waiting for the new seasons of these.
    P.S. Fargo is finished completely. so pity – for me it’s TOP

  2. Thanks for the energy, and all the good links you provide ! Joel Meyerowitz is a true master, and a wonderful person, or so it seems. I took his online class a year ago, and I loved it. Probably a good time to take it (although it’s a bit pricey, but well worth, I think).
    And I too love the Strokes new album 😉

  3. Thanks for joining the Friendly Friday community. I enjoyed exploring your links and discovering Patrick LaRoque’s website. It’s energized me and makes me want to go out & shoot some street again. It’s something to look forward to!

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