Photo Zine test

Yesterday I received my little photo zine that I ordered from Photobox. I was very curious to see the quality of the print and of the little book itself.

I have to say, the quality for the price did not disappoint. The image size is 14cm by 11cm so it’s quite small and what I was going for. This softcover, very well binded book contain the photos that look exactly how I saw them on screen.

The layout options are limited but overall it’s pretty simple to upload and create your book. Prior to this photo zine, I used Photobox to order square prints and they also have lots of gift solutions. I was never let down. They often have special deals and their delivery is spot on.

I think it’s definitely worth a try if you want to print your work or create a book, photo zine or something else, there are many options to choose from. I will certainly be ordering from them again as in my opinion it’s a great way to finalize your personal projects. 

Thanks for taking a look and keep creating!


23 comments on “Photo Zine test

  1. photos live a second life once you print them…these look absolutely stunning printed, Yuri!! and it’s really a very good idea to print together the photos of a project…
    believe it or not, I have only three of my photos ever printed, all of my kids, to hang on my wall so I can look at them while working… but your printed photos look so inspiring, I definitely need to print some more photos… thank you for the inspiration once again!!

    • Thank you Alexandra for your kind words. I’m very happy if you found something inspirational or motivational and i agree with you. it’s so important to see your work printed. It’s a different feeling.

  2. Hey Yuri! thank you for this helpful review. Right now I’m watching the interesting youtube videos of Daniel Milnor, who is definitely recommended Blurb and the Magcloud that is the same company today.
    I’m still in doubt what exactly I have to publish – the theme, the story – there is no special idea right now, but it’s usual for me when I come to some important point of doing something creative.
    I hope to crystallize my ideas and to start with the test zine.

  3. This looks great, Yuri. So much so, that I’m feeling really inspired to try it myself. I’m going to start, tonight. I’ve taken plenty of grief from family and friends over the years for not printing more of my work, which obviously is a well-documented, regrettable phenomenon for many of the digital persuasion. In all seriousness, thank you, for the inspiration. Along with your experiments, I’ve enjoyed the links you’ve been sharing to media, like film and music. Leon vynehall, was good. my younger boy introduces me to a lot of ambient that I listen to while I’m going over pictures, editing, etc. Hope this finds you well and holding up all right.

    • Hi Jason and thanks a lot for your kind words, it means a ton. I enjoy sharing my findings and if someone finds something useful to them, it’s a great feeling.
      I’m sure you’ll create a beautiful photo book that you or your loved ones can enjoy in years to come. All the best. Yuri

  4. Hey Yuri,

    I left a reply to your other comment but it might not notify you because the option to reply directly wasn’t there. Anyway, thanks for pointing out that Photobox do Zines – I hadn’t thought of them, which is odd because I do a lot of printing through them (good quality for reasonable prices, especially with the offers) but I’ll have to give them a try for a zine when I make my next one. Thanks for the reminder – sometimes it’s not easy to keep everything in mind.

    All the best,


  5. This is such a fantastic little book of photographs. The fact that you can print them so easily and have them physically to look at makes me want to take photos even more! The quality looks great too.

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