This Week: 23/4/2020

Week 5 of lockdown here in France and the longest part is done. Here is what I’d like to share with you this week.

  • Once again, we had fun with my little Fuji and while I continued with my personal projects, I showed my youngest the double exposure setting so we had lots of fun experimenting.



  • I was going through a William Klein “best of” photo book the other day. It was one of the first photo books I bought I think… and here’s an article on his photographic life and love/hate relationship with New York.
  • The legendary director of Twin Peaks” and one of my favourite artists David Lynch shares his opinion on what’s to come in the virus aftermath.
  • This week in History: Colombine high school massacre occured on the 20th of April 1999. I was 16 and already living in Israel at that point. It was very hard to fathom and watch the news reports on the shootings. You may also remember a Gud Van Sant film “Elephant” partialy based on the incident.
  • Music: Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brian has released a solo album that’s worth your ears, Fiona Apple dropped a new album after a long 8 year pause.
  • BBC didn’t disappoint and came up with the great idea to keep the home education going in these difficult times. Thumbs up guys!

I hope you’re doing well and taking care of each other, thank you for visiting and till next time!


9 comments on “This Week: 23/4/2020

  1. Hey ! Thanks for sharing so many great stuff Yuri ! First off, congrats on staying dedicated to pictures taking. I really like what you come up to, despite the circumstances. As for the links, I will listen right away to EOB’s album. The teaser is great, thanks ! I will read the piece on William Klein as well, a favorite of mine too. And Lynch, well, a great artist, like you said. It’s funny, I’m reading his autobiography these days (“L’espace du rêve” in french), and altough it’s not very well written (in my opinion), it’s still great if you like the man, and it gives me the urge to create !

    • Merci beaucoup Phillippe! I’m a big Radiohead fan so EOB’s sound really hits home for me, really impressive stuff.
      I love Klein’s work for he broke the rules of conventional street photography. It’s totally opposite of the great HCB.
      As for Lynch – I love his cinematography but I haven’t read that book yet! It’s going on my list right away.
      Happy you enjoy the posts, take care!

  2. Yuri, great update. I love the multiple exposure with all the arms, very cool.

    I’m an old Radiohead fan, adored them around The Bends, was blown away by OK Computer, then the Kid A and Amnesiac siblings, then lost track a little after that.

    Thanks for the David Lynch link, he’s one of my absolute favourite filmmakers. Mulholland Drive is – outside of Star Wars, my first love – probably my all time favourite film. Still haven’t figured half of it out though.

    Our kids have been using some of the BBC Bitesize activities, they’re really good, and very fun and accessible for children. The learning resources generally available for kids these days are absolutely mind blowing, from BBC Bitesize, to Joe Wicks becoming “the nation’s PE teacher”, to live cams in nature all around the world, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

    It feels over here like we’re over the worst of the pandemic now, and we’re due an announcement in just under two weeks on the next phase, whether we remain in lockdown, or the restrictions start to be eased.

    Many are saying that social distancing will be the norm at least until the end of this year though, and it will be a careful and gradual return to some new kind of normality.

    Like David Lynch said, I think many of us have taken this enforced pause as a chance to reconsider what really matters. I can’t see that we’ll return to our old consumerist ways, we’ve realised how little we need to survive, then thrive. It’s certainly not things like new clothes, shopping, junk food or chasing hollow social media likes.

    Anyway, glad you and yours are well!

    • Thanks for your comment Dan. Happy you enjoyed the post! It looks like we both die hard Radiohead fans – “The Bends” and “Ok Computer” are my all time favorites.

      David Lynch is from another world. “Mulholland Drive” is a masterpiece and the last seasons of Twin Peaks were mind blowing…

      Have a great weekend!

      • I did absolutely adore The Bends and OK Computer, but listening to Kid A for the first time had a profound impact, right from those opening electronic pulses and Thom’s voice floating in, in overlaid fragments. I was literally in tears by the end of it, not only because of the record itself but because somehow Radiohead had made another leap in sound and remained magnificent – perhaps even greater than the leap between The Bends and OK Computer.

        As big as they were – and are – I don’t think they got the recognition they deserved, especially when the bland watered down Radiohead-lite of Coldplay conquered the world.

        I haven’t seen Mulholland Drive for a few years now, probably time to revisit. Lost Highway is great too, very dark and bleak but the twist and how the film loops round is fantastic. Oh and the scene in the car headlights with This Mortal Coil covering Song To The Siren is possibly my favourite moment in any film.

        Did you ever watch Inland Empire? Laura Dern was astonishing in it, but overall I found it just too weird to get into. Maybe that deserves a revisit too.

        It intrigues me what a gentle soul David Lynch seems in conversation and in interviews, yet his films are often very disturbing. Actually, it reassures me that we all have dark thoughts, just some of us don’t build films around them!

  3. David Lynch is a sort of “religion” for me ahah, I had the chance to meet him two years ago at Rome Film Festival and I took a portrait of him. One of the happiest moment ever. I would hear him talking like forever! 🙂
    Very interesting post as always, thank you

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