Winter to Summer

It has been raining for two days now and somehow it feels easier to stay inside. Was it always like this or i’m just finding an excuse to make today go smoother, better?

I know for some photographers rainy days are very inspiring and it’s true, they can give you tons of new ways to capture life on streets. I too, get out at times when it drizzles outside but not that often. I love going out just after the rain!

In a way, we will jump a season. We’ll go straight from winter to summer, at least that’s how it feels to me. What will I miss photographically? The obvious thing would be my photo walks during those warm late afternoons. Wearing a light jumper or a shirt because I could still feel a light breeze from the Mediterranean sea. The temperatures are glorious, around 18/20 c*. Greeting sunsets, enjoying the moment and warm colours, later meeting up with friends for a pint in the terrace and slowly welcoming hot summer days…

Thanks for visiting and hope you’re well.


9 comments on “Winter to Summer

  1. Rainy days, while posing challenges, are awesome for photography. People with umbrellas are always worth a photograph, and the rain turns every surface into a mirror of varying texture and opacity.

    • Umbrella shots are a lot of fun but quickly become cliché in my opinion. I’m mostly worried about getting my Fuji wet haha , so I run out as soon as the rain stops!

  2. Our shelter-in-place seems like it has been by measures, less restrictive than yours, Yuri. But I can easily imagine the season-jumping sensation you’re describing. There are a lot of ritual, seasonal-circadian things we’ve missed the past month and a half, that’ve slipped away.  Time does seem folded over. I enjoyed your description of those warm, late afternoons. This is a wonderful image, good timing on your part…..i can imagine you counting down in your mind as the passerby got in just the right spot under the viaduct, maybe a moment too soon (or later) and it’s nice but not quite the same.

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