Behind the photograph

Another day passes and we’re getting closer to seeing and experiencing the “new world”. Let’s face it, some things will never be the same, and there will be a cloud of the unexpected above us for the most part of this year…

Meanwhile, life goes on. I was going through the archives… again…:) and thought about starting a new series of posts. Nothing new here and lots of photobloggers have this section. I pick an image, it could be an important one or a more simple one but it’s the one that has a story behind it and so I share it along with the story of what made me capture it.

girl and fire.jpg

This is an image from April of 2016. Earlier that year a new law in France was introduced and the picture was taken on the day of National protests across the country. You can see the whole essay on that protest right here.

Here in Montpellier, the city centre became the centre of the action as young people took to the streets and of course that attracted quite a few hooligans to the cause. They took full advantage and started multiple fires across the city.

The fire in the image was the biggest and at early stages at that moment. People slowly started to avoid the central promenade which stretches just on the right side of the playground. To my surprise, I saw a little girl still playing in the playground and first didn’t notice anyone around her. It happened very fast. She started running towards her parent and I was already in the position to take a photo. My intention was to take an image of the metal curly tube that lead the eye to the big gramophone, which looked like it was blowing out fire. Then, the girl went in the right direction and I snapped the picture.

I have mixed emotions while looking at this image. What does it do to you? Do you see it differently after you have read the story behind? I’m curious to know.

I hope you’re well and thank you for visiting.



13 comments on “Behind the photograph

    • She was at first. Like i said, everything happened so quickly. Probably 30 seconds from the moment i saw her until i took the shot and she ran to her parent

  1. Hello – my first thought, was how cool it was, for a child to be so absorbed in play, that she was oblivious to the fire. My second thought, was pretty much captured by your use of the term hooligan. Setting a fire next to a playground isn’t a protest, it’s just destructiveness. From the look of the smoke, maybe they lit tires? Not so great for kids to breathe.

  2. it’s quite a contrast, the innocence of childhood in the foreground and the black fire in the background…

  3. It’s a great picture, Yuri. My first thought was that the obeject at the back of the playground looks like the nose-cone of a rocket, and that the fire and smoke ar its exhaust. The little girl looks almost like shes talking to the green thing (which appears to have two white eyes) and perhaps instructing it to travel along the twisty tube to defeat the incoming rocket.

    • Many thanks! Great imagination and in reality it is actually the function of the metal tube. You talk into the green head and you can listen out of the big gramophone.

  4. I got a very strange feeling of these two different words contacted – one is like a war and the second one where the kids playing at the playground despite the harmful situation.
    It’s exactly a compressed and exaggerated mirror as a whole and especially these days when some countries are in the complete lockdown and their neighborhood countries continue their life as nothing has happened.

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