“Alone Together” Project update

It’s time to take a glance back, go through the images I’ve taken for the past couple of weeks, organize the folders and try to make some kind of sense out of all of this.

For this project, the set up was simple. I have my favourite spot next to the large window, which depending on the time of  the day produces different kind of light. I mainly shot late morning or early afternoon. Plus, a curtain helped to digest the light nicely. I set my Fuji on the tripod, double exposure setting, 10 seconds timer and here we go…

I decided to make the series in B&W as the colour wouldn’t bring anything to the image in this instant. With B&W, I wanted to show the shapes, textures. I wanted it to look simple, yet because of double exposure there’s another layer in my opinion.

Also, there was an intention to translate three states of this confinement. For some it was an agony (black), some people have taken positives out of it (white) and maybe it did not effect some people as much (grey).















I don’t know if I’ll add some more images to the series or I might stick to the short sequence and put it in the Lockdown Life zine with my other projects…

If you have some feedback, don’t hesitate and let me know!

I hope you’re all well and thank you for stopping by!









16 comments on ““Alone Together” Project update

  1. Yuri, this is shaping up into a very interesting project. I love what you said about black, grey and white too. Good for you for making the most of a difficult and restrictive situation for a street photographer.

      • Remind me, what’s happening, and when in France?

        We’re awaiting a new plan, which I think will be announced late this week. It may release a few restrictions, but only marginally, I expect. We don’t want to get too complacent too soon.

      • The official lockdown ends here next Monday. Educational facilities will open with some other businesses. Little by little things will go back to normal (whatever the new normal might be)
        It’s been a long two months for us so i can’t wait for it to be over

    • Thanks a lot Victor! I enjoyed making them. The whole idea wasn’t present at the beginning but as the time went by and i made some more images, it all fell into place. Like puzzle pieces

  2. the framing against the window adds to the sense of confinement, love the series, Yuri, very creative !! 🙂

  3. These are weird and cool, I like them. The seventh frame down is my favorite. The silhouette of the fringe is a fascinating layer. Good luck going back out into the world, Yuri. I’m sure you’ll take reasonable precautions. Does France have any recommendations or rules for citizens regarding face coverings? That has become the hot topic du jour around these parts as conversations about a very limited reopening of our community are starting to take place (nationally in the U.S. it’s a confusing picture which defies some logic).

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