This Week: 7/5/2020

In four days people in France will open their doors. Some will open them slowly and with high precautions, some will kick them wide open. I am pretty sure however, that the city centre of Montpellier will be buzzing again very soon and we will all start to experience what the new normality feels like. 

This image below is taken five years ago seems very appropriate today.


Here are some things that caught my attention for the last few days:

  • Just yesterday I stumbled upon this awesome and quite generous library of used photography books! There are some to everyone’s taste, check it out!


  • Some of us may come out of this unwanted but necessary quarantine with new habits or new points of view on how we do things on a daily basis. This interesting article speaks of how tracking time can change your routine forever.


  • I finally watched “Kodachrome” on Netflix. If you’re not familiar, it’s a drama about a dying photographer who reunites with his his son for one last adventure. I really liked it and would absolutely recommend.


  • If you’re an Instagram user, I would recommend you follow the great David Alan Harvey. He is one of the few Magnum photographers who are active on IG and has a great section – Q&A where you might find what you’re looking for. He often shares interesting stories an gives valuable advices and insights into photo book making and sequencing. He is one of the reasons I’m still in IG to be honest.


  • Back in 2019 I didn’t give enough time to Iggy Pop‘s latest gem “Free” so it’s been playing in the background a lot these days. Damn, he’s still got it…

Thanks a lot for visiting and hopefully you found something interesting or helpful. If you have discovered something new this week, leave a comment. Take care!


2 comments on “This Week: 7/5/2020

  1. I love your blog, sometimes because of the great photos, now that you’ve presented a great David Alan Harvey. 😉. Enjoy a new life.

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