Behind the Photograph “In The Web”

This picture was taken back in 2016 in the city of Arles in South of France.

I remember taking a train from Montpellier on one hot summer day in August and going to see the famous annual Arles photography festival. Every year in August that city breathes photography. It’s an amazing atmosphere in the old part of the city. Of course there are summer tourists circling, following their respective guides. This year unfortunately the festival, like all summer events, had to be cancelled…

As I was passing by the famous Arles Ancient Arenas, I went to have a closer look and maybe find something interesting without paying money and entering inside. I’ve noticed this very photogenic spider web which formed a natural frame and a spot of light in the background. Then, as I was framing my shot, a couple of tourists just came from nowhere and stood right in the middle of the beaming light. I reacted instantly and clicked the shutter button on my then Canon 650D.

I was happy with the result and this image is one of my favourites from 2016.


Thank you for visiting and till very soon!


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