This Week: 14/5/2020

This week we saw the formal end of the lockdown in France which means you don’t have to justify why you’re outside anymore although the travelling distance is limited to 100km. Some other restrictions are still in place of course. Bars and restaurants remain closed for now. Educational facilities slowly begin to open with a lot of guidelines to follow within the premisses for both teachers and students.

Most of the ordinary shops opened this week. They all have disenffectant tubes on entries and shop owners make sure there aren’t too many people at once inside.

Meetings of no more than 10 people are allowed. This is going to be a very slow progress before we get back to some kind of normality…

Meantime, I helped my youngest son to finish creating his very own photo zine with Photobox. He was very excited to select the images and did the sequence all by himself. He can’t wait to see the result product and show it off in his class. It was a fun experience for all of us in a difficult situation so I’m very happy he was interested to do it.


Other things that caught my attention are:

  • Just read it – Lose yourself in a photobook. This article will make you ditch your social media photo intake and fall in love with photobooks again.


  • Music: new discovery – the Canadian artist  Gert Taberner. Great acoustic chill out music.


  • Screen pleasures –  I loved the latest version of “Invisible Man” and if you’re missing your local cinema and can stream instead here’s the list of some of the best films of 2020. Speaking of movies. I remember Austin Kleon posting this little trick – if you ever wondered how your favourite or a certain film would look in black & white. It’s simple, grab your remote control, go to visual settings and play around!

Black Mirror” creator Charlie Brooker spills the beans on how has the current global catastrophe compared with those in his imagination?

That’s it for now, thanks a lot for visiting and if You would like to share how you’re experiencing the end of lockdown in Your country, let me know in the comments. Till next time.




8 comments on “This Week: 14/5/2020

  1. Interesting list of best movies of 2020: I’d exclude “Waves”, I didn’t like it, but I surely add “Les Miserables” and “A Hidden Life” (they are both from 2019, but in Italy they will be released this year).
    Amazing the article about Photobook, I really love collect them but so far my collection is really lame (I have around 10 books but I’d like to purchase a lot more). Photozine is very inspiring too, congratulations to your son!

  2. this is such a wonderful concept, I love the pages forming the heart around your son 🙂 he’s adorable, is this your partner in crime for the other photo, the one with the party glasses? 😀 you guys spending time together for creative projects is the best, Yuri 🙂 what a lovely post!!

    • Thank you Alexandra and yes he’s the next generation 😆 there were some tough days but we made sure we also had lots of fun. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Enjoy your freedoms Yuri. We’re allowed a little more freedom here in the U.K. now, but given how some people seem to be taking it to mean they can just ignore social distancing, I’ll not be surprised if we’re not confined back to our homes before long.

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