Back to school

It was my weekend with the boys. The last weekend before they go back to school. It almost feels like the 1st of September… only with much less hype. Are they ready to go back? I guess so. They will be happy to see their friends for sure but I’m not sure they’ll be too happy to go back studying and following all the rules and precautions due to the virus. Parents who come to pick up their kids also have guidelines to follow…

Otherwise, the city of Montpellier was packed with people this weekend. Most of the shops are open to be followed by the restaurants and bars and I can’t wait for that to happen and it’s linked to my job and my social life 🙂 We make a lot of bread for local restaurants so as soon as they reopen we can finally go back to our normal working hours.


Thanks for being here, till next time!



7 comments on “Back to school

  1. when is school year finishing there? I’m sure the boys will be so happy to see their friends after such a long time 🙂 and it’s great news you are going back to full hours of work, right? 🙂
    love the stark contrast of light and dark in the images, Yuri, a slice of real life…

  2. Beautiful scenes Yurii !
    i see that people not too in these wearing masks rules – very different here. Some 25% are wearing without to close their nose and mouth – just close your chin, another 25% are heavily in masks and gloves. Many just don’t care. but one can’t enter supermarket without the mask and only after a temperature check.

  3. I’ll be quite interested and anxious (in both the good and nervous way) to find how things unfold in Montpellier these next several weeks, through your very personal experience and impressions. Our community is still in a very deliberate holding pattern. The U.S. has such a nightmarishly bad, dysfunctional leadership problem at the Federal level right now (particularly in the White House Oval office but filtering down to the higher representative bodies of government) that our more regional and local governments are basically handling the pandemic response on their own (or in cooperation with each other). We’re lucky to have fairly conscientious, thoughtful local leaders where we live.

    It’s not easy for kids heading back to school after such an unusual, protracted interruption. It must seem so strange for them. Teachers will have to be creative about how they finish the semester. As always, take care of yourself. And hopefully fit in some rewarding photography into these days.


    • Thanks for your comment Jason. I know what you mean about a dysfunctional leadership…
      Here things are slowly getting back to normal. Classes have only 5 to 10 kids maximum at a time and there is a priority for kids of teacher/nurses parents.
      Otherwise, people outside try to keep the distance and masks are worn by maybe 50% of population here.
      Hope you and your family stay safe Jason!

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