This Week: 21/5/2020

This week saw me coming back to work after about 5 weeks off and damn it feels good to be active again. I wasn’t too lazy during the lockdown but it does feels great to be usefull and work in the mornings.

The only thing I’ll miss would be waking up when I wanted… that was one of the most notable changes for me. Having enough sleep really makes a difference to your day but nevertheless I am happy to go back to my early morning work.

I haven’t gone back to shooting regularly yet so I’ll share and old image that explains how it is in the South of France at the moment (nothing to do with Covid) , more to do with the heat…


Also here are some interesting blog posts that caught my eye these past few days:

  • Ritchie Roesch of Fuji X Weekly features in a video about experimenting with Fujifilm “recipes” and finding that Kodachrome look.


  • Victor Bezrukov shares a rare set of color images from his quarantine life. A beautiful sequence of photographs.


  • Owain Shaw shares his thoughts and discoveries during this difficult period, opinions on social media, everyday photography and creating zines.


  • Matt Hart is showing his beautiful work and talking about his latest photo projects and plans for this year.

6 comments on “This Week: 21/5/2020

  1. Thanks for that link to Fuji X Weekly. That looks like a pretty cool site, I’m going to visit it some more. Since I switched to shooting mainly with a Fuji a few years ago I still haven’t really managed to find myself any Fuji-centric circles or resources.

  2. Hey Yuri. Happy to hear that you back to the regular routine – anyway, for better or for worse it brings much more “freedom” to us. This image does express also the situation we were all the recent week here in Israel. Such heat and almost no wind stuck dry air. This low humidity is very unusual for us especially when it long and stable and the sea is still closed. The only good point of this – the authorities permitted to stop using the masks during these hot days.
    Thank you for the mention !!

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