28 + Days Later…

The quarantine lasted far more than 28 days but while photographing the post-lockdown city life and then uploading the images I couldn’t help but remember the horror film “28 Day Later” by Danny Boyle where the main character wakes up one morning to a completely new world and it’s far from pretty.

Here in Montpellier the atmosphere is actually not that bad. People are happy to be out, with or without masks. It’s really hot at the moment so less people wear masks outside but they are compulsary in public transport and in shops.

Restaurants and bars will open next tuesday. It will be interesting to see what kind of restrictions will be introduced…



More updates to come, thanks for visiting!



3 comments on “28 + Days Later…

  1. Today our restaurants and bars got permission to open their doors but actually a big part of them already works just ppl not approved to sit inside so the customers are just eating and drinking while sitting on the floor near the places 🙂 I loved this new social eating idea – it’s just connecting the people in another way.

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