Monochromatic Nature

This is a second part of my previous post about walks in nature that I enjoyed immensely after being stuck in the city centre for the lockdown.

Even though I shot in colour as I usually do, I knew before clicking the shutter that these are going to be in monochrome.



The photo below (from previous post) also works in colour for me. I’m keeping both copies in case I want to use them in a sequence later.




Taken with Fujifilm X70 on outskirts of Montpellier in May 2020.

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7 comments on “Monochromatic Nature

  1. The post before this you shared was an interesting pleasure but I think I might prefer this series. The thistle in b/w is my favorite. Something portentous-feeling about it that I really like. Maybe those spikes are somehow operating as unwitting metaphor in my mind. Hope this finds you well, Yuri. Cheers to you, glad you could spread your wings a little.

    • Thank you Jason. Everyone finds something that speaks to them, it’s why i love photography… i don’t have preference and i do like both color and a b&w set. There are two different worlds to me.
      Hope you and your family are doing well. Yuri

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