Post Lockdown

Yesterday the city of Montpellier was buzzing. The bars and restaurants in France have officially been reopened. Also, most of parks and sport grounds welcomed back people. Something that many people waited with impatience. I have to admit, I’m one of them. It’s not like I’m loaded with money and going to be eating and drinking out 6 days a week but it finally feels that life is back to normal.

There are obviously restrictions and you must wear masks inside but the terraces and outdoor tables were pretty packed yesterday. It felt great meeting up with my friends and having a cold beer outside in this gorgeous weather.

Today I’m sharing some photos that I made during my walks just before the reopening of places. Post lockdown time…






A monochrome set is coming soon. Thank you for visiting and I hope you’re seeing some of the lockdown eased in your country.


12 comments on “Post Lockdown

  1. I went in Montpellier 8 years ago, to visit a friend of mine that was doing erasmus there. Amazing city, full of inspiration, culture and beautiful people. Nice pictures by the way!

  2. Beautiful series Yuri.
    The buzz was overwhelming here, I was in a few places before the official opening dates, but decided to stay far when the gates were opened for everyone. Too many people, too noisy and busy inside. I never loved this before and love this vibe now is even less

  3. well, one thing for sure we won’t have trouble recognising when these pictures were made)))
    we have many restrictions lifted, similar to you and people feel like it’s over now and many don’t even wear masks which is not good. there’s been a rise in new cases so who knows what’s going to happen.

    • Thanks Ivan. I presume you’re in Israel? I talked to my dad who was telling me the same thing… hope it doesn’t come to the second wave of lockdown for you guys. Stay safe

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