June 3rd Protest

As we watch what’s happening in the world today, we can’t ignore the situation in USA. It touches all of us on some level. This problem has been here for centuries and unfortunately is not going away. Racism is more present than ever and power hungry and corrupt police are going at it again.

This blog is not for politics and I rarely speak about the issue here but I feel that this time I have to send the support to all the peaceful protesters around the world. France is well known for being quite a racist country and has problems with police brutality too.  Violence is not an answer and unfortunately there are idiots that use the protests to their advantage and just put fuel into the fire… I believe it also happened after the peaceful protest in Paris.

However, on the 3rd of June I attended the marching protest here in Montpellier. France had a case of Adama Traore’s death back in 2016 (similar situation as with G.Floyd) so understandably people felt very passionate to join and share the anger on the issue and the atmosphere on that day was very positive and energetic. Things didn’t get out of hand. There was obviously police units present on sidelines in case something went wrong. There was a mixed crowd but mostly young generation which was very uplifting and promising. It’s great to know our young generation is not hopeless and understands the importance of standing up for yourself, against racism, against police brutality.

I chose a few of my favourite images for this post and later will share the rest of the set.

black lives matter march


black lives matter march


black lives matter march


black lives matter march


black lives matter march

Thank you for being here and if you happened to attend the protest rally in your country, please share in comments. Till next time.


11 comments on “June 3rd Protest

  1. Late to the party, but good to see your pictures and thoughts about the protests and general situation in France – as you said, a country not without its own history, and present-day struggles in this regard. Around the world we need to do better and living peacefully and in togetherness with all people – my country of residence (Spain) and birth (UK) very much included. I hope this movement continues to generate thought, discussion and ultimately change.

    • Thanks Owain, you’re right. The fight against racism has picked up globally and we live at such times when we can get be heard and communicate with ease through internet and SM. Was better time than now, hopefully changes are coming.

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