Post Lockdown in monochrome

Montpellier is waking up from its 2 months lockdown nap. There are signs and stickers in populated places and shops. People keep distance in general or those who care do anyway.


Thinking if you have a mask with you on the way out has become normal. You never know if you need to pop into a shop or maybe use transport during the day.


In big shopping malls we are led by the signs and arrows. Disinfectant gels are at every shop entry.







For most, life is going to pick up wherever we left it… It’s nice to be out


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4 comments on “Post Lockdown in monochrome

  1. Nice lines and geometry in all photos, Yuri… Love those skaters in the last shot and the sense of post-lockdown freedom there 😀

    • Can imagine the nightmare on the roads there… here we’re experiencing the end of lockdown however restrictions in public are not going away any time soon.

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