By the lake

We are having a great beginning of summer period in South of France. I’m talking about the weather. The temperatures so far have been considerably low for June in this region. The hottest day so far was probably +28°c and the rest of the time no higher than 25°c and around 15° at night so no complaining there. The heat is coming though, everyone’s aware.

With this fantastic weather it was perfect time to go to the lake (Lac du Cres) which is situated about 30 minutes by tram from the centre of Montpellier. The lake is surrounded by a dense forrest from one side and more accessible hills with some playground sport parks on the other.

Taken with Fuji x70, Velvia preset. Beginning of June 2020.








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8 comments on “By the lake

  1. While I prefer the real thing (film) I use film emulation on my raws often. I’m often envious that Fuji has built them into their cameras, though my love of Kodak and Ilford often temper my desire to pursue such a camera. I’ve taken to using Mastin Lab’s film presets. Don’t tell my fiancé I spent nearly $400 on lightroom presets, but I haven’t found anything close.

    Having seen these I think I’ll ad Velvia to my bag the next time I get the inkling to shoot some slides. Unfortunately at nearly $20 USD a roll I’m often dissuaded. Looking forward to your next post – Ty

    • Thanks Tobias and i am sometimes envious of not starting my photography interest by shooting film. Having said that, i feel that my wallet is thanking me for that and also i save tons of time by shooting digital but each to their own right?

      I do love the fuji built in presets and enjoy experimenting with them as well as creating other recipes.

      Thanks for your interest!

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