Finishing school year

Last Monday in France all schools lifted their restrictions and for the last two weeks everyone has to attend the classes. Not everyone will for sure. Parents who prefer to keep their children home need to provide a valid reason or a certificate from a doctor.

So it’s just like this. Teachers who had around up to 10 pupils in a class I presume coped well with the restrictions and rules inside of schools just after the lockdown. Now, however they have to be ready to receive up to 30 kids inside a classroom. I find it difficult to imagine how they can maintain the sanitary rules. A good friend of mine is a primary school teacher and he’s in a lot of stress at the moment. I’m sure it’s good for economy and parents can finally go back to work even if it’s only for another two weeks but I’m not too sure if this is the right decision health wise. Time will tell…

Meantime, I see more and more people gathering in parks, playing team sports, having picnics etc. Life is picking up. Next villain of 2020 – summer heat…






All images are taken with Fuji X70, Velvia preset. Montpellier, France 2020

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4 comments on “Finishing school year

  1. The heat is going to be a noticeable discomfort when wearing a mask, I think. My wife has to wear one all the time now at work and it makes her face very warm and humid at the best of times. The hot weather is making it much more uncomfortable.

    Nice colours and framing in these photos.

    • Thank you and yes, wearing masks in summer heat is really uncomfortable. Hope it doesn’t have a strong effect on those who have to wear them daily and for long periods of time.

  2. With the escalating rise in cases in the U.S., I have increasingly nagging doubts my children will attend school in-person, this fall. They ended the 2019/2020 calendar year on June 19th but they’re both starting on-line summer school (offered through our public school district) in a week and a half to hedge against all the school they’ve already missed.

    That man in the red shirt is an interesting-looking fellow. Keep hanging in there, Yuri.

    • Thanks for the comment Jason. Online schooling is becoming a normal thing these days however it’s not that easy for parents with little kids… It will be interesting to see what happens during and after the summer break here as there are still some everyday cases found.
      Wish you and your family well Jason.

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