I glanced at it. There it is, siting on the shelf. Waiting patiently the next adventure or just waiting to be picked up. One thing for sure it won’t be at that spot for a long time and I shall use it again very soon. I’m just taking a break.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break. The break lets you organise your thoughts, reflect on recent work, gather ideas from different sources and implement it into your future projects etc.

In fact, breaks are good. Because at some point during these breaks you start to realise how much you miss making photographs.


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9 comments on “Break

  1. This is a fantastic frame, Yuri! Good thing you didn’t drop your lens cap or such on the fellow, lol. Have a good break (rewarding, productive or productively unproductive and otherwise). You’ve been sharing quite consistently the past several months so the timing could be quite good for a pause, short or longer. I’ll miss seeing your pictures and reading your thoughts about things. hope all is well!

    • Thanks Jason, appreciate your comment. It might not be a long break but as I’m gonna spend a whole week of holidays with my boys I won’t force anything. Pretty sure my Fuji will find its way into my hands sooner or later 😉

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