Friendly Friday: Essential tips for photography

After some time off, I feel like it’s good to come back to blogging with this particular post. It’s a part of a Friendly Friday Challenge.

Photography is my passion, my hobby so it would be natural for me to share some tips, well I prefer to say advice for anyone who is just beginning in this field. Please note that if you’re starting out with film photography, some things might not relate to you although I think the general advice can be helpful for everyone.

  • Know your camera : I know and remember well that feeling of holding my first DSLR, looking at all those buttons, trying to make sense and quite often not being patient enough and finally being disappointed with the results. Finding a correct camera that works for YOU would be a step 1 of course but not all of us can afford keep changing gear and lenses so shoot with whatever you have but learn it inside out. Shutter speed, aperture, ISO. Get out there and practice. If you have a LCD screen – even better, you can check what you’re doing wrong straight away and learning on digital cameras is much quicker and cheaper than on film. 


  • Study photography masters : There is a ton of information available to us online on photography masters. Documentary videos and films. There are brilliant and informative channels like Sean Tucker or Ted Forbes. There are great photography books and the one that everyone who’s into photography should own is Magnum Contact Sheets. A brilliant encyclopaedia to photographic world.


  • Get out and take photos : This one is pretty obvious but not always the easiest to do. We often get discouraged and feel unmotivated. We sit and wait until that bolt of lightning strikes us and the muse will appear and bring us lots of ideas. But the reality is very different. In most cases you just have to start doing something, you have to get out and make that first step. Inspiration can be found doing many other things, not necessarily strictly photography. But if you want to learn and improve or find your photographic vision, you have to be active.


  • Have fun : The last one might be the most important one because if you’re not having fun making images, then what are you doing this for? To get likes and hearts and followers??? If so, in my opinion it’s the wrong way to go.

Thank you for visiting and if you’ve just picked up your camera, get out, follow the light and enjoy the process. It’s a beautiful world out there.


13 comments on “Friendly Friday: Essential tips for photography

  1. i started watching the film video you recommended (photography lesson with John Free) and thought about this documentary I saw a few weeks ago which was excellent. If you have the opportunity to watch “La tondue de Chartres” – it was on France 5. One of Robert Capa’s photos is analysed in a fascinating way. The replay is not available anymore but you can see a preview here :
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Good tips and the last photo has me intrigued. Clever! Is that your shadow? At first glance I thought it was a plastic bag so had to look closer. A great capture and post to make us think more about photography.

  3. The best thing I have done in the last few years was to spend an entire year shooting with just a Fuji x100f, I knew the camera inside out.

    I would always say to anyone wishing to improve their photography, just get out and shoot as often as possible.

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