Skate park

Summer is in full swing here in South of France. There are days when you just don’t want to get out. Staying inside, hiding from the sun in front of your fan or air conditioner. Avoiding the heat is possible early morning (when I usually work) or later in the evening after the sunset around 21pm.

However, you can also go crazy inside, especially with kids… I was happy to find out that in a park nearby, constructions were finished so we could come and use new skate tracks, tennis and basketball courts.

I prefer shooting in B&W on hot summer afternoons. Here are some from one of these days.








Shot on Fujifilm X70 in Montpellier.

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4 comments on “Skate park

  1. That looks a fun park, my seven year old son would love it on his scooter. Interesting you like to shoot b/w on a hot summer day, when many associate b/w shooting with more stark, winter days. But I do agree b/w can look stunning in good sunlight, it’s excellent for emphasising strong shapes and textures especially.

    • Thanks Dan. I forgot to add that specifically on a hot sunny afternoon when the light is very harsh…
      otherwise during sunsets there plenty colorful scenes to be found. I guess it depends haha

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