France is in a reflective period. Reflecting on health issues and a sudden rise in numbers of Covid patients in the last week or so. The second wave? Remains to be seen…

For now though, masks have become mandatory in all close spaces. Whoever disobeys or simply doesn’t have one, a fine of 135 euros must be paid.

I feel like the French might have gone to celebrate a bit too early after the lockdown. We must remain cautious and vigilant.

Here are some of my recent photo reflective moments from the streets of Montpellier.






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19 comments on “Reflecting

  1. Interesting pictures, Yuri. That middle frame is cool. Is there a light rail or trolley that comes through on that street? Just curious with the in laid tracks.

    Every day brings more terrible news here in the U.S. with rising cases so I can surely sympathize with your sentiment above. Our 50 states’ very fragmented approach to addressing the virus will be haunting us terribly until a vaccine arrives, Covid-19 is extremely diffused and spread across the country and it will take some time before we can get it tamped down. Just found out yesterday there’s a 90% chance my boys will be learning remotely, this fall.

    Take care of yourself and your boys. Hope you can keep getting out for a little bit of shutter bugging.


  2. Hi Jason and thanks commenting. Yes, these are tram lines visible on the ground.

    Things in the US seem stale at the moment. On the bright side, your president might have finally recognised the seriousness of this pandemic… (5 months later…) go figure but better late than never I guess.

    Wishing you and your family all the best. The beginning of the school year would definitely be different this year…

  3. Great images, Yuri. I too like that second image. The lines on the window make it. Hope things go well for you there. It’s a hard time. We all have to be careful and remain hopeful.

  4. Very similar here. They opened the places too fast and now we got the “second wave”. In my opinion, this virus will remain with us for a long time (or forever) and we have to learn to live with it. Sure that tourism will never be the same massive and popular as it was before.
    Great moody series Yuri

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