Les Angles: Part 1

This afternoon I have finished editing the photos from the trip in the Pyrenees mountains. At first I had about 230 images and after going through them in Darktable and selecting the best ones I came to 121 photos from that trip. I’d like to share most of them in the future blog posts. I will do it in series of posts, trying to organise them in some coherent way and make sequences that visually work together.

I was really looking forward to visiting the South West of France where I haven’t been yet before. It exceeded my expectations and even though as we arrived in the ski/summer resort village of Les Angles” it was still +28 degrees, the temperatures dropped about 10 degrees in the upcoming days and we enjoyed the cool air of the region.

As soon as we got into our Airbnb apartment which was situated up on a hill and had a view on the beautiful forest we were curious how it looked on the other side (view on a lake) and decided to go see the local lake Matemale. Lac de Matemale is an artificial lake  in the Pyrénées-Orientales, France. At an elevation of 1541 m, its surface area is 2.23 km2



At this time of the year this place is quite busy but fortunately is also pretty big. It takes about an hour to walk around the lake. We did half of that and walked along the shore line.


Taking a pause and enjoying the amazing view.


Some images just work better in B&W for me… 




Thank you for visiting and to be continued…


8 comments on “Les Angles: Part 1

  1. […] As we had a quite normal summer here in France, the other absolute highlight of the year has to be a trip to the Pyrenees mountains with my lady. We escaped the heat of Montpellier and spent a fantastic week in Les Angles. I shared the experience with several posts here in the blog, see this link. […]

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