Les Angles: Part 2

Continuing the visual diary on the recent trip to the Pyrenees mountain resort Les Angles. To see the first post, click here.

On the second day, it was still hot. Too hot for the mountain weather. I checked the weather forecast on my iPhone and it indicated 28° Max… a slight sign. We came up here to avoid the heat damn it! Our wish was granted the day after…


But for now it was time to get out and explore. We decided to go check out the top of the ski slope. There are two main tele cabins in Les Angles that take you up although in the summer time only one is working. Mainly for visitors like us and mountain bicycle riders.


We arrived at the top and immediately felt the difference in the air. The wind was stronger and it felt lighter. There were hardly any people around (most people would arrive in few days) so we walked up a bit more to get a great view of the lake and perspective of the village.


There was a big pool of stored water on top of the mountain ( to use in case forest fire I suppose ).


Later we found a path that led into a little forest so we explored the area for about an hour and pausing for a lunch break.

I felt the following images work better in B&W. It simply accentuates the wooden texture and natural geometry. Simple monochrome conversion in Darktable with a touch of grain added.






I will sum it up with the gorgeous view from the mountain top. To be continued…


Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more visual stories from Les Angles.

P.S. Photos 1 and 3 are officially copyrighted by my girlfriend 🙂


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