Les Angles: Part 3

After two hot days in our little ski village resort Les Angles, we were treated to a little surprise.

First, we heard distant claps of thunder and the wind has picked up. The temperatures on the third day have dropped to about 17°C max and we couldn’t be happier about that! This is partially what we came for, to avoid the heatwave that was at a time sweeping the whole of France.

It didn’t rain that much however but when I came out on the balcony later that day I witnessed this.

In no time, the top of our village was covered in a low cloud or a fog if you like, however I think fog is a cloud at low altitude and we were at about 2000m.

It was a beautiful scene and I couldn’t reach for my camera fast enough.

I stood on the balcony feeling the thinest drizzling rain drops. The cloud was settling down nicely and soon we even saw a hint of sun. It brought the warmth to the light hence the following images are in colour.

Not long after my little photo session we decided to get out for a walk up in the mountains. There was this small lake Balcere near us. Well, almost near us, we just had to go around a mountain… We prepared our bags and off we were.

To be continued

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