Les Angles: Part 4

Hi guys, I continue my visual diary about the recent trip to the Pyrenees mountains. If you’ve missed the previous posts, check Parts 1, 2 and 3.

As the clouds were settling down nicely over the village, we decided to take a walk through the forest and towards the nearby lake of Balcere.

The walk was along the road so it was safe enough not to get lost in low visibility. We were following the yellow signs on trees and took our time to enjoy the incredible atmosphere that day had offered us.

After about an hour walk we arrived at the lake… or so we hoped. The lake was barely visible. It was a breathtaking view.

It was a very peaceful moment. We could hear some voices coming from other side of the lake but couldn’t see anyone. People in the abyss… There were also some fishermen around the lake, quietly enjoying their past time activity.

As usual, some images deserved to be in monochrome…

Thank you for visiting and to be continued


14 comments on “Les Angles: Part 4

  1. I’m enjoying this series of photos from your trip. This set really captures a sense of peace and solitude. The black & white photo with the person sitting on the pier (upper left) with the crescent-shaped stand of grass along the water’s edge is especially nice. Have a great day.

  2. I love that you can hear but not see the people across the lake. Adds to the ethereal quality of the scenes.

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