Les Angles: Part 6

Our last big outing was to the lake Bouillouse which is a registered natural site, known throughout France and Spain for its rugged landscape and many lakes. At an altitude of 2,000m, the mountain lake is the highest lake accessible by road and chairlift in the whole mountain range. 

Below is the map of our 3 hour trail through the lakes in that area. It’s a challenging at times but overall a very enjoyable hike and you’re overwhelmed by the views all along.

We had packed lunch in our bag, comfortable shoes and jumpers as it got pretty windy on top.

I was very happy to have my lightweight Fuji X70 with me. There was an occasional climb up the rocks to do so it didn’t really get in the way.

The 3 hour hike took us around all 12 lakes of the Carlit massif.

As there are quite a few photos from that last hike, I’m gonna split this post in two and will share the monochrome images in the next one.

Thank you for being here, to be continued...


7 comments on “Les Angles: Part 6

  1. Was that horse just drinking, grazing all by itself? You must have felt like you were in some kind of crazy dream sequence!

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