Update: zine, garageband and covid

Hey guys, I’m going to post a little update after a little pause on the blog.

It’s funny how I finally sit down to write but nothing is coming out… or maybe I’m thinking of too many things? Not sure. Is it 2020 still? The longest and shittiest year in a long time… 

It looks like we’re approaching a second national lockdown here in France. I really can’t see it happening considering a massive economic blow we suffered the first time but it is heading in that direction after new restrictions were introduced this week. We’ll have to wait and see…


Meantime, I’m in the finishing stages of my lockdown photography Zine. I’m making it with BookWrite software from Blurb. After some research and deliberation I’ve decided to go with Blurb despite their expensive shipping fees. I’ve created and worked with BookWrite before so I know the software very well, it’s pretty straight forward and easy to use.

I’ve also been playing around with Garageband on my Macbook, creating some sounds. Thinking of making a video with images and using the tunes created in GB in the background.

the flight

As for photo walks, haven’t been out much lately. The shot above is from the last walk about a week ago.

Thank you for visiting and hope you’re all safe,


14 comments on “Update: zine, garageband and covid

  1. Whatever you’re working on in 2020 is enough.
    I’ve made a couple of books with that Blurb software and while it’s far from perfect, is completely serviceable. Just yesterday I was thinking of making a collection of photos from the past 6mo or so but may go a different route and use Chatbook or something similar.
    Hope you’re pleased with how yours turns out and stay healthy/safe.

    • Thanks for your comment Scott. Yea, i just figured that it’ll also be easier to sell and dispatch through Blurb (not that i count on making any money from it) but I’d like to have that option. Will post the results in the blog. Thanks and stay safe too!

  2. Hopefully and lock-downs we get this time around will be less severe than before. We should, to a good degree, know what to expect and be better prepared. If nothing else, at least most people are wearing masks now which, while maybe not a cure-all solution, should at least reduce transmission.

    I pushed the button on my first zine yesterday. I’m hoping it turns out ok. I’m looking forward to finding out. I ended up using MS Publisher because I have it on my PC as part of MS Office and then printing via Mixam. They should arrive next week.

    The colour is great in your pigeon shot.

    • Thanks man. I find making zines a lot of fun and it’s a good little books to have in your catalog. I don’t make them often enough…
      Hope yours turns out as you’d hoped. Cheers

  3. Good luck getting your zine project finished, that sounds great. I’m personally following the news of these new outbreaks and secondary waves of the pandemic in parts of Europe with a degree of trepidation because I feel like that could spell some doom for us considering the complete failure of a national, coordinated response, here. Where we live is going better than many parts of the country in terms of keeping virus tamped down, so there some solace to be taken in that. But winter is going to present entirely different obstacles, I shudder just to think of it. But I will turn my thoughts to more positive things like this cool capture of the dove/pigeon in motion. And your efforts to make tangible things. That’s neat you’re dabbling with GarageBand, too. I’ll be interested to hear any of your finished work if it comes out to your satisfaction. Take care Yuri.

    • Thanks Jason. Nice to hear from you and i hope you’re well prepared for the winter. At least the elections would be done so that’s one less headache, just hoping the right person for you will win…
      But as you said, we must stay strong, together and concentrate on positive things we can take out of all this. Projects and unfinished things at home, anything you kept postponing to do etc, Wishing your family well and a good week to you all. Yuri

  4. Hey Yuri! great news about the Zine you’re going to publish. I will want to have one. Will follow your updates about it. Love the colorful images, especially the man with two kinds of masks covering his face.
    The future here is kinda hopeless with all the craziness and inability of authorities to agree about some way, some roadmap for the residents of the country. We are in the black hole of the second lockdown that is managing too bad and lead to the collapse of many small and medium-sized businesses here.

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