Raiding the archives

I’ve been going through my digital archives from yesterday. I’d say I remember about 95% of photos I took. There are some odd ones that stand out and you think to yourself – why the hell did I take a picture of that??? 

And there are some interesting ones that catch your attention and remind you of that early process you were going through or a certain project you were working on. Things which seemed interesting to you then, have become normal and mundane. The photo below is a good example of that. 

This was taken during my first years in France when the language and the culture were all new to me. That sign obviously caught my eye… 

Pain in French means bread and we all know that no matter where you are in France, you have the luxury of freshly baked bread to enjoy. 

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7 comments on “Raiding the archives

  1. Haha not too nice sign for the non-French speakers.
    I’m trying to remember some strange sign I saw once. I remembered the one from my youth.
    It was a Communism kolhoz in the area where I lived.
    at the entrance it was written “Communism” and at another side for the living – same “Communism” but with the big one side black line going from corner to corner – meaning no Communism, finished, nada. 🙂
    well, not the same but somehow I remembered it now.
    take care bro.

      • Probably because it was in black and white, and taken at night… so yes, without reading your post, the word instantly came out as a sign indicating where to find “pain” / as opposed to where to find joy??!

        But French live on bread so you need a sign to get your daily fix!

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