“QuaranZine” – lockdown photo zine is out

I’m releasing my lockdown photo zine this week through Blurb and I feel that by the time I’ll receive my copy we’ll go into the second full lockdown here in France. Ironically I’ll probably start working on the sequel… who knows.

I’ve deliberated and couldn’t decide for a long time which company to use and finally stuck with Blurb (the one I know and have experience with) despite their mind blowing delivery fees and taxes. I like working with their software BookWright. Even though it’s far from ideal and is limited for design, I find it quite straight forward and easy to use. 

I do want to try other companies in the future. Now, it’s the matter of the most difficult: coming up with the ideas for zines. Which means going through the vast catalogue, filtering and trying to make a sequence that means something. Or just going out there and shooting a whole new project, I don’t know, there are options out there.

QuaranZine” is available now on Blurb if you wanna grab a copy. I should be receiving mine in few days and will probably do a little “review” post on it.

10 comments on ““QuaranZine” – lockdown photo zine is out

    • Hello Michael! Thank you so much for getting this, it means a lot. Especially now, in our digital world, for someone in another part of the world to hold something you have put your efforts and emotions into. Happy you find it inspiring. Appreciate it!

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